Here Are Some of The Most Common Filipino Beliefs That Most Filipinos Still Practice

Here are some of the more common Filipino beliefs that we, my family back home, and most of the Filipinos still practice.

On New Year's Eve, my mom prepares 13 kinds of different round shape fruits, like apples, watermelon, grapes, oranges, etc. We even wear, if we have it, any clothing that has a round print on it like say "polka dots"? Yup, you guessed it right, actually only my mom wears anything like that, Hi mom! :) On this night, everybody stuffs their pockets with all kinds of coins, the more you have the better it is. My mom's belief, or maybe ours too, is that all these things are for the sake of good luck. Oh, and one last thing, for dinner or late night supper, there is no, absolutely nothing, winged animal or fowl whatsoever prepared on a New Year's Eve, because it is a common Filipino belief that it will make your good fortune fly away.

In the dining room, whether it's a celebration or just plain dinner, no one is allowed to leave the house until everyone is done eating. If someone must really have to leave, everyone on the table has to turn their plates 360 degrees clockwise. It is believed that it deters bad luck from befalling the person leaving.

There is also a Filipino belief when you are to sweep the house. Sweeping should be done in a certain order. When you have a multiple-story house, you have to start from the highest floor and work your way down to the ground floor, which is logical. Then here goes, when on the ground floor, you have to sweep your dust, dirt, and small debris from the front door to the back where it should be taken out. It is not allowed to take the garbage or any trash out through the front door, it should always leave the house through the back. And one more thing, no one is allowed to take out trash at night. It is believed that if you throw the garbage through the front door, it is like refusing or blocking good luck from entering the house.

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