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This blog page does not necessarily contain any specific topic, although I would like to try and keep it as close to my page's subject or rather as close to who or what I am. It is a blog page about my views and insights - things that I believe is important and of value to me, personal experiences - things that happened that somehow helped me be who I am today, thoughts and feelings - things that I find inspiration from, or just about anything that have caught my eye to write about it - like a random act of kindness.

It may contain memories from the past, the high school years, my friends and family, things that have been a part of my life. Events of today, places I've been to recently, food that I thought that I wouldn't like to eat but loved it, things that I would like to do and would definitely recommend to others. Or probably future stuffs or events that have taken my interest, like travel and vacation plans, places that I would love to see, here and back home, things that I wouldn't mind trying once like kayaking, mountain climbing, outdoor climbing, or maybe skydiving? That might be fun and scary, but definitely worth trying, LOL. Or it could just be things that I would like to do whenever, wherever, whatever.

This is just a get-to-know-me page so you have an idea of who I am. It is my own personal blog page.

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