The Philippine Food and Delicacies that are most common and known in my country

The Philippine food and it's style of cooking have evolved over the centuries and has been influenced by different nations such as China, Spain, United States of America, and other neighboring asian countries. Rice however, being the staple food, has never changed.

Some of the more popular dishes are the lechon (whole roasted pig)

Lechon-a favorite dish amongst Philippine foods

, longanisa (Filipino sausage)

longanisa or filipino sausage- is also one of a favorite filipino dish

, tapa (cured beef)

beef tapa-Philippine food favorite

, kaldereta (beef, goat, chicken, and port in tomato stew)

kaldereta-philippine food

, kare-kare (ox tail with assorted vegetables cooked in peanut sauce)

kare-kare-philippine food

, crispy pata (deep fried pig's leg)

crispy pata-philippine food

, sinigang (pork, fish, or shrimp in tamarind stew) , and lumpia (fresh or fried spring roll)

lumpia-philippine food

are some of the favorite Filipino dishes.

Some of the more popular deserts or snacks are the turon

turon-philippine snack

, leche flan , gulaman , sapin-sapin , puto , halo-halo , binignit or ginataan , ta-ho , bibingka, maja blanca, and biko.

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