The Different Filipino Delicacies is One of the Things that I Miss in the Philippines

Here are some of the Filipino delicacies that I miss the most from the Philippines, they can either be considered as appetizers, deserts, or just plain snacks. It really doesn't matter whether what time you eat it, all it matters is that it tastes great, for me, that is. But am pretty sure most Filipinos would agree on this. So here are the few that I can't get my mind off from.

One of my favorite among the Filipino delicacies is the leche flan, made from egg yolks, milk, sugar, and syrup. It has a creamy sweet taste. Always great a as desert after every meal.

My other favorite would be the gulaman, made with gelatin and milk with sugar and some flavouring. Both leche flan and gulaman are best served chilled.

The halo-halo would be everybody's favorite on a summer's day. It is a mixture of sweetened fruits like Jackfruit, banana, cooked red beans, sweet yam, crushed ice, milk, ice cream, corn flakes or rice puffs, and sugar.

Another treat is the pulvoron-made from a mixture of cooked flour, sugar, milk, and shortening to make it retain its shape. When properly mixed, it is moulded into shapes of circle or oblong. It is then wrapped individually either with plastice wrap or japanese paper.

The puto't kutchinta is also a favorite amongst kids. The puto is made from glutinous rice and shaped into small round muffin-shaped in assorted colors or plain white. It is also famous as a side dish for dinuguan ( meat cooked in pork's blood ). Kutchinta however, is more of a desert or snack. It could either be eaten by itself or topped up with dried shaved coconut meat.

The balot ( chicken or duck embryo inside the egg) is cooked in boiling water is one of the exotic Filipino delicacies that is not for everybody, mainly because most people cannot stand the thought of eating an embryo. To be honest, it is one of my favorites, l usually add salt to taste, some of my friends add spicy vinegar. Most Filipinos have this after a round of beer.

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