The 12 Major Philippine Cities to Visit in my Country

There are 12 major Philippine cities to visit when going to the country. They are subdivided into three island groupings which are Luzon , Visayas , and Mindanao .

In Luzon the metropolitan cities are Metro Manila , Metro Angeles, Metro Naga, BLIST, Metro Batangas, CAMADA, and Metro Olongapo. Most of the cities in Luzon I have already been to, although some of them I have just past through during my travels or work. Yet there are still some cities that I haven't gone to and which is the object of my travel on my journey back home.

makati, metro manila

In Visayas the metropolitan cities are Metro Cebu, Metro Iloilo-Guimaras, and Metro Bacolod. This place however, although I have heard so many good things about this region, is still a mystery to me. The only time I took footing on this place was when I had a flight back home to my hometown via a connecting flight. And I wasn't allowed to leave the airport due to time constraints.

cebu city-magllan's cross

In Mindanao the metropolitan cities are Metro Davao , and Metro Cagayan de Oro. This is the island grouping that I belong to. I was born and raised in the city of Davao. This is where I grew up, studied, and lived most of my grown up life in. I have probably gone to all the cities in this island.

I will try to introduce to you some of the major cities of the country that I have already been to, and try to explain to you why I want to visit some of the other cities of the country.

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